Welding Electrodes

We are one of the leading suppliers of Welding Electrodes. We offer a wide range of Welding Electrodes including Cast Iron Welding Electrodes, Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes, Steel Welding Electrodes and Alloy Welding Electrodes. These Welding Electrodes serve various industrial requirements. Our range of Welding Electrode is available in various tensile strength and sizes. Here, under one roof you can fulfil any and every kind of requirements related to Welding Electrodes. Quality and performance of our Welding Electrodes is simply unbeatable. With a wide spread network we can cater bulk orders for Welding Electrodes in shortest possible time.

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Cast Iron Welding Electrodes

We supply a wide range of Cast Iron Welding Electrodes, finding application in various industrial purposes like Foundry defects, machine build up, Machine Tool Bases, Valve Body, Pumps, Gear Boxes, Gear Teeth, Sprockets, Couplings, Piping, Transmission Housings etc. Our Cast Iron Welding Electrodes CPCI 026 carries excellent operating characteristics, Dense deposits with good bonding, Optimum performance and proves to be stronger than traditional Nickel-based cast iron welding alloys.


Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes

We are one of the leading suppliers of high quality Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes. Our Welding Electrodes find applications in Chemical Tanks, Pumps, Mixers, Hydraulic And Steam Turbine Blades, Plating Tanks, Valves, Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Heat Treating Boxes and Baskets.


Steel Welding Electrodes

We supply a range of Steel Welding Electrodes that are widely used for crane jibs, frames, truck chassis, heavy equipment maintenance, dies, tools springs, cushion layer, joining dissimilar steels; machinable build-up and overlay, maintenance and repair welding of special composition steels used in vessels carrying chemicals or liquid gases, heavy thickness machineries, gears, furnace parts, etc.


Alloy Welding Electrodes

Devi Enterprises is amongst leading Alloy Welding Electrodes Suppliers. Our Alloy Welding Electrodes find applications in Wobblers, flogs, crushers, sprockets, bucket teeth, wear plates, shovel track pads, Augers screws, conveyors, scrapers, paddles and wear pads, Blast Furnace Bells (seat area), Rolling mill rolls, Shear knives, cable sheaves/pulleys, Winches, Crushing hammers, and Dredge cylinders.


Aluminium Welding Electrodes

We supply Aluminium Welding Electrodes that are specially developed for a variety of welding applications. We source the Aluminium Welding Electrodes from well-known manufacturers in the domain who use the latest technologies for assured performance and quality. Besides, the entire range of cutting-edge Aluminium Welding Electrodes can be availed from us at very reasonable rates.


Copper Alloy Welding Electrodes

The Copper Alloy Welding Electrodes are specially manufactured for various welding requirements and is especially suitable for combinations that are dissimilar. The properties of the Copper Alloy Welding Electrodes make them apt for welding a variety of metals into different forms and for use with different welding equipment.


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