Steel Welding Electrodes

We supply a range of Steel Welding Electrodes that are widely used for crane jibs, frames, truck chassis, heavy equipment maintenance, dies, tools springs, cushion layer, joining dissimilar steels; machinable build-up and overlay, maintenance and repair welding of special composition steels used in vessels carrying chemicals or liquid gases, heavy thickness machineries, gears, furnace parts, etc. Our Steel Welding Electrodes - Xuper 660 NH are known for superb weldability, excellent impact resistance and ductility, and high strength reliability. We also cater Steel Welding Electrodes - Xuper 680 CGS that has controlled grain structure/strength and ductility and superior crack resistance. It is suitable for spray type metal transfer. Our Steel Welding Electrodes - Xuper 680 CGS gives superb weldability for all steels and also takes low amperage, whenever you strike-restrike. In addition to this, we are a reliable supplier of Steel Welding Electrodes - Xuper Nucleo Tec 2222. Our Xuper Nucleo Tec 2222 has excellent crack, corrosion and oxidation resistance and it remains unaffected by base material dilution. It is suitable for both sub-zero and high temperature service. Its exceptional combination of tensile, shear properties & impact strength makes it ideal for welding.

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