Copper Alloy Welding Electrodes

The Copper Alloy Welding Electrodes are specially manufactured for various welding requirements and is especially suitable for combinations that are dissimilar. The properties of the Copper Alloy Welding Electrodes make them apt for welding a variety of metals into different forms and for use with different welding equipment.

  • Low melting
  • Very high strength joints
  • High degree of wettability
  • Extremely thin flowing

  • Benefits And Recommendations
    • An extremely versatile low melting alloy with excellent wettability for thin flowing applications on copper, nickel, carbon andalloy steels, carbides and stainless steel. Ideal for lap, ‘T’ flange and square butt joints of dissimilar metals.
    • Excellent for delicate parts, light gauge metals and heat treated parts.
    • Use with oxyacetylene for torch, furnace or induction equipment.

    Application Procedure
    • Clean joint area
    • Paint Eutector 1801 on the rod and on the joint
    • Heat broadly, using an excess acetylene flame until flux liquefies
    • Flow alloy completely through the joint
    • Cool slowly and remove flux residues

    Technical Details
    • Size (mm) : Rod : 1.6 mm / 3.2 mm, Shim : 25mm * 0.075 mm
    • Bonding temperature: 600˚C
    • Tensile strength: 63 kg/mm2 (90,000 psi)

    • Instruments
    • High-speed tools
    • Dies
    • Carbide tipping
    • Thin tubing
    • Wire mesh
    • Electrical contacts

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