Cast Iron Welding Electrodes

We supply a wide range of Cast Iron Welding Electrodes, finding application in various industrial purposes like Foundry defects, machine build up, Machine Tool Bases, Valve Body, Pumps, Gear Boxes, Gear Teeth, Sprockets, Couplings, Piping, Transmission Housings etc. Our Cast Iron Welding Electrodes CPCI 026 carries excellent operating characteristics, Dense deposits with good bonding, Optimum performance and proves to be stronger than traditional Nickel-based cast iron welding alloys. Cast Iron Welding Electrodes XUPER 22*33N, offered by us is, known for its outstanding features like Dense deposits with excellent performance, high tensile strength and high ductility which ensure Maximum Safety Margin. Also, there is no overheating of coating or breakdown at rated current. Its flux coating and innovative design of the core wire facilitate consistent, porosity-free welding of cast irons.

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