Alloy Welding Electrodes

Devi Enterprises is amongst leading Alloy Welding Electrodes Suppliers. Our Alloy Welding Electrodes find applications in Wobblers, flogs, crushers, sprockets, bucket teeth, wear plates, shovel track pads, Augers screws, conveyors, scrapers, paddles and wear pads, Blast Furnace Bells (seat area), Rolling mill rolls, Shear knives, cable sheaves/pulleys, Winches, Crushing hammers, and Dredge cylinders. Our Alloy Welding Electrodes - Eutectrode 400 has tough overlays on manganese and alloy steels. The non-cracking and long-lasting Eutectrode 400 is widely accepted for severe impact, shock and hammering. It equipped with friged arc coating for lowest possible amperage.

We also serve Alloy Welding Electrodes - ChromCarb N *6006 that exhibits high hardness at elevated temperatures as well as excellent compressive strength. ChromCarb N *6006 comprises *NucleO-C (patented) catalyst for superior wear resistance. It is superior for abrasion accompanied by impact. We also specialize in supplying Alloy Welding Electrodes - CPBF 024 that is hard, tough, crack-free deposit, which is machinable. It has balanced abrasion/impact/friction wear resistance, thus can withstand thermal shock upto 500oC. Our Alloy Welding Electrodes - CPBF 024 is heat-treatable and forgeable. Its deposit is machinable by carbide tools.

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